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You love your dog because they are family.

You love your dog because they are family. So let's celebrate them like family. Regardless of the hundreds (ok... maybe thousands!) of Instagram posts we have dedicated to our animals, it can be difficult to find something that truly showcases their unique personality.

Hi! I'm Amy. A dog mom, IT nerd and wildlife photographer that found the true reason I was put on this earth: To help capture the one-of-a-kind love you have for your fur-kids.


We can commemorate your pup with a personalized photography session. Together, we will produce beautiful artwork that is guaranteed to celebrate and preserve those adorable ears, floppy paws and wet noses for decades to come.


Through hand-crafted wall art, timeless heirloom albums and professionally curated images, you will cherish the portraits we create during your session each and every day.

And the cherry on top? We will capture that glowing part of your soul where they will always live, because their time with us is never long enough. 

Amy Hodson Indianapolis Pet Photography
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