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Hello Future Ambassador!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Wander Pet Photography! I am thrilled that you're here and honored that you feel my work will represent what you are passionate about: a commitment to excellence and devotion to the animals we love.

I offer an exciting opportunity - professional photography for your business/organization in exchange for promotion of Wander Pet Photography services to your clientele and public audiences.


Before we get to the application, let's review a few things:

This is a business partnership built on respect, trust, and of course, a love for all of our fur-covered friends.


Being a professional in the pet industry, especially an entrepreneur chasing a big-hearted, dog-hair-covered dream, is incredibly hard. It takes a LOT of passion and commitment to succeed. If this sounds like you, we share those qualities.

I am only looking for individuals who are:

  1. Excited about the opportunity for this partnership

  2. Respectful of my time

  3. Ready to put forth as much effort as I am

I am SO excited to read your application!

Terms & Conditions

The application period is from January 30th - February 15th.

All applications will be reviewed following the submission deadline and applicants will be notified of their selection status by February 22nd.


Selected applicants will be scheduled for in-person consultation in Carmel, Indiana between February 27th - March 10th.


Our partnership will run from March 15th, 2023 - May 30th, 2023.

My Commitment to your Brand:


  • I will collaborate with you to create a content plan during a 1:1 consultation to ensure we capture the images you want and need for your business.

  • I will provide a maximum of THREE personalized product/pet photography sessions with Wander Pet Photography.

  • You will receive up to 15 web-ready images from each session. Images will either be watermarked or should be used with credit to the photographer.

  • You will have the option to purchase fine-art products and high-resolution digital images at a discount.

  • Your business/organization will be listed as a business sponsor and partner of Wander Pet Photography, including a blog post with links to your website and social media pages.

  • Ambassador-exclusive Wander Pet Photography offer for your clientele.


Your Commitment as a Brand Ambassador:

  • You are a local business owner in the greater Indianapolis area.

  • You are regularly active on your social media accounts.

  • You have an email list of customers that you regularly communicate to. 

  • You will promote, share and post regularly about Wander Pet Photography during our engagement.

  • You will share the Wander Pet Photography special offer to your clientele at in-person events and social media.

  • You agree to credit and tag Wander Pet Photography when using any images created from our engagement.

  • You will provide a detailed testimonial at the end of your engagement. 

  • You agree to be listed as a business sponsor and partner.

*Please note, Wander Pet Photography has the right to immediately terminate Ambassadorship for any reason, including refusal to communicate or execute terms of promotion during contract period. Any non-authorized use of Wander Pet Photography photos or content, exhibition of  poor conduct towards pets, clientele, or Wander Pet Photography directly will result in the termination of the Ambassadorship.


Thanks for applying! I'll be in contact after the application period closes on Febraury 15th.

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