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Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to this year's Holiday Gift Guide for Indy-area Pet Parents. As the holiday season sweeps in, it's time to celebrate our beloved furry companions and the pet parents who adore them. Our Holiday Guide takes the guess work out of finding that perfect gift for the pet-loving person in your life. You'll also be able to embrace the local spirit by supporting these fantastic local businesses that cater to the pet community in the Indianapolis area. Here's how to make this holiday season a tail-wagging delight!

The Bold Bow Tie


Bowties for dogs? You better believe it! What better way to start this holiday gift guide than with some fancified pup-wear from the local Indy designers at The Bold Bowtie.

The Bold Bow Tie is a company of three sisters who strive to provide quality suspenders, neckties & bow ties for all occasions, including: weddings, bow ties for dogs and cats, and hair bows for girls and women.

Grab a fun bowtie as a stocking stuffer, or grab a bow tie and matching hair bow for your favorite dog mom and her best friend!

Photos from the Bold Bow Tie's Etsy Page

Photos from Kora's Kitchen

Kora's Kitchen


My dog's stocking (Yes - Mickey gets a visit from Santa Paws every year) isn't complete without some delicious treats. If you're a client of Wander Pet Photography, then you already know how much we love Kora's Kitchen. So much in fact, that every WPP client receives a bag of Kora's Kitchen treats with their artwork delivery.

Kellin, the owner of Kora's Kitchen, started her business with the goal of providing drool-worthy treats that were also all-natural and healthy. 
Her family-run Indianapolis-based business puts a lot of love and careful attention into each bag of treats. 

They also sell Snuffle Balls! Two things all dogs love are eating and sniffing (sometimes every blade of grass). The snuffle ball combines those loves into a challenging food puzzle that is bound to keep them engaged and keep you entertained!  

Spoil your pets with hand-crafted goodness from Kora's Kitchen via their website or find them at local Indianapolis area markets and events.

City Dogs Grocery


If you are seeking the ultimate gift of choice, look no further than City Dogs Grocery's gift certificates. Nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, City Dogs Grocery is Indy’s premier local pet destination offering only the best in healthy nutrition and treats, toys, and accessories - with a focus on pet nutrition and supplements. All of their products are hand-picked by CDG's owner, Christi Rider, before going on their shelves. Their gift certificates allow pet parents to indulge their best friends with premium goodies tailored to their preferences. Whether it's gourmet treats, durable toys, or specialized pet nutrition and supplements, City Dog Grocery ensures a tail-wagging holiday for every pet in Indy.

Give the gift of pet shopping freedom with these certificates, allowing pet parents to explore and select the perfect presents for their beloved companions.

Photos from City Dogs Grocert

Photos from Alex and Andy Pet Bandanas

Alex and Andy Pet Bandanas


From a small business with a GIANT heart. Alex and Andy was started in honor of the owner's (Sophie Wyrick) Uncle Andy after he suffered a stroke. Their full story is an amazing one, and I highly recommend that you hop over to their ABOUT PAGE to read all about it. 

Andy is highly involved with their small business and
uses every purchased order as an opportunity to build upon his therapy. Learning to write left-handed, Andy’s hand-drawn images adorn their custom designed shirts and he handwrites thank you cards to each customer aiding their mission to support stroke survivors.

Yes - you read that correctly. Andy hand-writes thank you cards for the thousands of orders that comes through their doors. How amazing is that?? 

Alex and Andy offers a wide variety of beautiful and fun pet bandanas. Mickey's personal favorites are the slip-on bandanas that fit right onto his collar. No need to worry about them slipping off or getting bunched up!

As previously mentioned, Alex and Andy also offers hand-drawn shirts. My personal favorite? The "Life is better with dogs" shirt. (Truer words have never been spoken - right?)

Distributed with love from Indianapolis, these heart-filled accessories are the perfect addition to any pet's wardrobe. The bonus is that you'll feel pretty darn good while gifting it as well. 

Fatty Frog Pots


For a personalized touch to your gift, look no further than Fatty Frog Pots where their hand-made treat jars and food bowls steal the show.

Handcrafted with care and creativity, you can even add any pet's name to make it uniquely theirs. Based in Indianapolis, Fatty Frog Pots owner and creator, Jennifer O'Keefe, hand-makes pottery from her home studio. You could even add on a coffee mug or other kitchen items to your order for a ceramic pet-themed gift set!