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Let's Make Your Dog a Star!

Wander Pet Photography is continuing to build a model network in the Indianapolis area for commercial clients and photography competition images.


This is your chance to have your pup featured!


  • Pets should have a solid training base.

  • These sessions are different than my typical sessions where no training is required.

  • Your pet must be comfortable around other people, pets and at new places.

  • If you would like to enter more than one pet, we ask that you submit each one separately.


  • Once you join the Model Network, Amy will be in touch to welcome you to the pack!

  • Session dates and times are TBD. If your dog is chosen for a particular session - I will coordinate with you to get a time booked for your pet.  

  • Most sessions will be held in the greater Indianapolis area.

  • The pet-parent will receive two complimentary digital files from their pet's session with the option to purchase more.

Submit Your Dog's Model Application
What size is your dog?
How would you describe your dog in new situations?
How would you describe your dog's off-leash capabilities?
How would you describe your dog's "stay" behavior?
How would you describe your dog's "down" behavior?
How does your dog feel about water?
How is you dog's mobility?
Upload a photo of your dog
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