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What. A. Year. 2023 has been an amazing ride. We had so many wonderful moments with incredible people and pups along the way. This year not only brought a record number of wonderful clients to our business, but some great milestones for me as a photographer.

This was my first year entering into the International Pet Photographer of the Year awards, where I had TWO images receive bronze awards and another image receive a silver award! I am absolutely thrilled with the results and learned so much from my first time entering images into competition. I can't wait to enter again next year!

Silver Award winning image in the International Pet Photographer of the year awards. Reggie the Schnoodle posing amongst the Virginia Bluebells in Carmel, Indiana.

I also entered the Embark photography challenge run by the amazing Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock at Unleashed Education. The growth I experienced as a photographer this year is directly tied to the feedback and encouragement I received from the Embark challenge. I "placed" in 8 out of the 12 challenges, having four images in the Top 20 and four images in the Top 10. I enjoyed the experience so much that I'm "graduating" to their next challenge tier, Emerge, in 2024!

Here are 5 of the 8 images that placed in the Embark challenge that made it into my Top 23 of 23! (Two of which also were rewarded bronze recognition in the IPPY!)

Choosing only a Top 10 for the year was impossible. My first pass at pulling my “favorites” resulted in a whopping 48 images! Thank GOD I have another photographer in the house, to help me go through the decision making process. We got down to 23 images, and I couldn’t bear to let another one of them go!

SIDE NOTE: The process of picking my Top 23 was actually really insightful! It was interesting to be in the shoes of my client. Now knowing what it’s like to see a full image gallery and needing to pick out your favorite images... I fully understand that it is really hard work. I commend you all!

So here we go! My Top 23 images of 2023!

Each and every one of these images has a story. A wet nose (or three). A sweet kiss. And an amazing human. Each one of these images deserves their own spotlight, so I'm going to give them just that. Follow along on Wander Pet Photography on Instagram and Facebook during the month of January while I tell the amazing story of these sweet faces.

Thank you to every one of my clients who braved the weather, hiked the trails, laughed until we cried, and most importantly - shared the love of your dogs with me. This year was one for the storybooks and I cannot WAIT to see what 2024 has in store. Happy New Year!

~ Amy

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