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Attention, dog moms of Indianapolis! The summer sun is shining bright, and it's time to embark on exciting adventures with your furry companions. Whether you're a local or just visiting the Circle City, there's no shortage of activities to enjoy alongside your four-legged friend. From exploring picturesque parks and dog-friendly trails to discovering pet-friendly events and dining spots, Indianapolis has it all. In this blog post, we'll be your guide to the best summer activities, ensuring a memorable and fun-filled season for you and your beloved pup. Get ready to create unforgettable memories as we uncover the canine-friendly wonders of Indianapolis!

Go for a hike and explore the great outdoors.

Indianapolis boasts some of the best parks in Indiana to hike with your pup and take in the beautiful summer scenery. With its diverse and picturesque landscapes, this city offers a myriad of hiking trails that are perfect for you and your dog to explore. The warm weather and longer daylight hours create an ideal setting for outdoor adventures, allowing you to soak in the beauty of nature while bonding with your canine companion. From lush green forests to peaceful views along the White River, Indianapolis has it all.

Not only will you get to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of hiking, but your dog will also relish the opportunity to stretch their legs, sniff new scents, and embrace their natural instincts. So lace up your hiking boots, grab your dog's leash, and get ready for an unforgettable summer of exploration on the stunning trails of Indianapolis. Want to hear about our favorite parks to hike at with your dog in Indianapolis? Check out this blog post for more!

Take a stroll around Downtown Indianapolis

It's time to enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Indy! Taking your pup for an evening stroll around downtown is a great way to experience all that the city has to offer. From browsing shops, to taking a walk along the canal, to taking in the hustle and bustle of nightlife, you will most certainly have a blast with your pup! The colorful buildings that line the streets are a perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. The smell of freshly cooked food and the sound of laughter fill the air as you roam around some of Indy's best spots. So take advantage of the great sights and sounds of downtown Indy and bring your pup along - they'll love it too!

Looking for some of the best spots downtown to grab a bite to eat with your pup? Check out our favorite places here!


What could be more delightful than a summer picnic with your dog? Well, how about inviting your furry friend's best buddy along for the adventure? Having a picnic with your dog and their canine companion adds an extra level of joy and excitement to your outing. Set up a cozy blanket in a beautiful park, pack a delicious spread of dog-friendly treats and snacks (don't forget some for the humans too!), and let the tail-wagging and laughter commence. While you and your fellow dog moms catch up, your pups can enjoy a game of "catch me if you can." Next time you plan a picnic with your pup, don't forget to extend the invitation to their best friend – it's guaranteed to make your outing even more special and memorable.

As the summer breeze carries us into warmer days, Indianapolis emerges as a haven for dog moms seeking thrilling adventures with their beloved furry companions. From hiking the picturesque trails to enjoying picnics with your dog's best friend, the possibilities for memorable experiences are endless. Whether you choose to explore the natural wonders, attend pet-friendly events, or savor a delicious meal at dog-welcoming eateries, Indianapolis has proven itself to be a canine paradise. So, embrace the season, embrace the joy of being a dog mom, and embark on these fun-filled activities that will create everlasting memories for you and your furry friend. Make this summer one to remember by immersing yourselves in the vibrant and dog-friendly charm of Indianapolis, and let the wagging tails and boundless laughter guide you on your next adventure.

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