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5 Reasons why puppies make our lives better

Puppies, with their wagging tails and unconditional love, are one of the best things in life. They provide companionship, love, and forever-lasting loyalty – just a few of the many reasons why puppies make the world a better place! Whether you have your own fur-baby or are thinking about getting one, this blog post is sure to give you more reasons to appreciate our canine friends. From reflecting back on fond memories shared together to discovering ways that our furry companions positively impact mental health just by being around us - let’s explore together the 5 reasons why puppies make our lives better!

Black Labradoodle puppy from Colonial Village Labradoodles posing on the steps
Colonial Village Labradoodle Puppy posing with the cutest little head tilt!

  1. They are incredibly loyal A canine friend is hands-down one of the most loyal companions you will ever have. They love and trust humans from an early age, and show it through their attentiveness and affection. Your puppy will stay by your side no matter what, which is the main reason so many of us bond so tightly with our pups.The trust puppies place in their owners is something special; they are truly devoted animals that anyone would be lucky to call a companion!

  2. They Can Help Reduce Stress Puppies are well known for their positive effect on reducing stress. They provide unconditional love (see bullet #1 above), light-hearted playfulness and endless cuddles; all of which can work wonders in calming oneself down. With the power of companionship, studies have even shown that playing with a pup can help increase oxytocin and dopamine levels, which in turn create feelings of joy and pleasure. Their simplistic way of life gives us an opportunity to focus on the moment and avoid overthinking problems. Plus, puppies make great listeners! With their fuzzy ears and endearing faces they make an excellent distraction to de-stress after a long day.

  3. They’re Always Up for Adventure Whether it's a walk around the block or a trip to the park, puppies are always up for an adventure. Exploring is second nature to a healthy, happy and curious puppy. Every day is a new adventure, as they use their boundless enthusiasm to traverse the world around them. Not only do puppies bring an extra element of fun to your next outing, but they can also make a great exercise partner!

This chocolate Labradoodle puppy was ready for snuggles at Colonial Village Labradoodles!

  1. Puppies provide much-needed companionship Life can be really hard sometimes, and you can always count on your puppy to be there for you. The companionship and unconditional love they provide can truly improve one's quality of life. They offer unwavering friendship, giving you something to look forward to every day. It doesn't take long for your friendship to start to grow, as you can feel the connection right after bringing your puppy home. With time, your bond only strengthens further. Having a furry companion can be incredibly comforting during difficult times. Especially when their presence alone is often enough to make us smile.

  2. Puppy Breath! Puppy breath is one of life's purest joys! There are few sensations quite as delightful as nuzzling up to a puppy and taking in that puppy breath while it lasts. “Big yawns” and puppy kisses just wouldn’t be the same without it. Those are the moments to be savored!

It may be difficult to put our paw down on which quality is the greatest, but the answer is clear: puppies (or any dog really) are amazing and make our lives better! Aside from the countless ways that they make us smile, these memory-makers provide us with both emotional and health benefits. Beyond the snuggles, dogs are brilliant at bringing people together and cultivating relationships of love and trust. Our furry friends truly have this amazing power to connect us with each other and with ourselves; they're great communicators and they can tell when we need a boost or some furry cuddles. It's no wonder we love them so much!

Let us know about your favorite puppy memory with your dog! Comment below and share the puppy love.

PS: HUGE "Thank you!" to Colonial Village Labradoodles for allowing me to come out to their farm to photograph their puppies. If you are in the market for a beautiful Labradoodle, check out their website and social media pages. Fair warning: Prepare for cuteness OVERLOAD!

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