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3 Ways I Can Make Your Dog A Star

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

You know it deep in your soul. Your dog is the cutest, sweetest, silliest pup on the planet. Your dog is a star in the making! If they would just let you capture those "Wow!" quality photos of them... The world deserves to see their cuteness and you deserve that beautiful framed print above your fireplace. It is my job to make it happen!

One of the perks of hiring a pet-specific photographer is that I have oodles of experience with pets of all training and energy levels. Is your pet still working on that whole "sit and stay" thing? No problem! Here are 3 ways I can make your pet a star AND make your session a total success:


Believe it or not, I actually prefer for your pet to stay on leash during your session. Not only does it keep your best friend safe, but it also ensures we comply with most local, city, and park laws. The added bonus? Keeping even the most well-trained dogs on leash makes it easy to guide your puppy-supermodel to the proper place and pose. Does your dog behave perfectly off leash? That’s fantastic! Just don’t be surprised when I ask that we still use that handy-dandy lead during your session.

Harvey was super sweet! We kept him on lead the entire session, and mom and dad got to both stand close by to watch the magic happen.


One of the questions I’m often asked is “What do you actually DO as a pet photographer?” Well, I typically roll around on the ground with a camera in one hand, a squeaker toy in the other and make a LOT of hysterical noises. Yup. It’s pretty darn glamorous! Being a dog photographer probably isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely love the fun, silliness, and magic that happens during my client sessions.

So what’s up with all of those noises? Well, it’s your job to show up with your sweet pet and have fun. It’s my job to make sure I get your pet’s attention and capture their unique personality. That *usually* involves one of my many noise makers, and sometimes the use of my own vocal chords. Barking, meowing, whining, panting… If you can think of a funny noise to make, I’ve probably done it. (And if you have any funny noise ideas, please DM me! I’m always looking for new noises to add to my repertoire.) Curious as to what noise makers and other fun items I carry with me during photo session? Check out the image below!


Since your pup will be on leash during the session, that means some special editing is needed during post-production. Before your ordering appointment, I will skillfully remove all leashes and human legs from your images. I have spent countless hours learning editing techniques to ensure you get stunning artwork to hang in your home.

Would you like a peek behind the scenes of the WPP editing magic? Take a look at the video below!

Voila! The final image *after a little editing magic* of Harvey, KING of the boardwalk at Central Park in Carmel, Indiana!

You adore your pet’s personality and it’s my job to capture that for you by making them the star of the show. Your dog CAN do this and it’s going to be a total blast! In addition to decorating your home with gorgeous artwork, you get to experience your session together and will remember it always.

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