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Leashes! All the cool pups are wearing them

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

“My dog will NEVER sit still for photos like that!” - said nearly every one of my clients.

What is the number one worry on every pet-parent’s mind before booking their session? You guessed it! That their dog “won’t behave”.

Believe it or not, 99% of the dogs I photograph are ON leash. Leashes are great for a number of reasons, but here is why I recommend that your pup stays on leash during your pet photography session:

  1. Leashes keep your pup safe! So even if a crazy squirrel dashes across a park trail or road during your session, your pup is safely on lead to prevent any mishaps.

  2. Leashes are important for following local laws in city and park session locations.

  3. Leashes are SUPER helpful for guiding your pet to the perfect spot to pose for their images.

Even if you are extremely confident in your pet's off-leash behavior, don’t be surprised if I still ask that we keep a leash safely secured during your session.

Thanks to the many hours I’ve spent refining my skills in using the wonders of Photoshop, the leash will be magically removed when I process your images. When you see the finished photographs during your ordering appointment, you would never guess that your pup was on lead the entire time.

EXAMPLE: Just look at this sweet image of Rogue!

Did she know how to pop her cute little paws up onto that log before our session? Nope.

Was she willing to stay in that pose for more than a half of a second on her own? Nope.

Did the location of her session require that all pets stay on leash?

You betcha.

Did she give the sweetest snuggles and snorts ever?


Thankfully, her handy-dandy leash was there to save the day! (Ok - I confess. That last question didn’t have anything to do with leashes but, Oh. My. Goodness. was she the sweetest!)

So, the next time you are daydreaming about a beautiful framed print featuring your favorite fur baby, remember that your pet doesn't have to be perfectly trained. We will create gorgeous images together with just a little help from their leash.

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